Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life

Popjam Productions (2016 National Tour / 2013 National Tour / 2011 / 2009 workshop)

Director, Set Designer: David Lampard

Star Theatres / Hopgood Theatre
Lighting Designer: Daniel Barber

Photography by Tim Allan

Star Theatres
Lighting Designer: Emily van Winkle

Photography by Tim Allan


Adelaide Theatre Guide ‘Curtain Call’ Award, Best Musical (Professional)


“Director David Lampard has delivered a show that carefully balances hilarity with poignancy. The funnier moments are deliberately over-the-top, but the darker moments are handled with tenderness and sincerity. Lampard has designed a very clever set of surprisingly high production quality…” Allison Hillbig, Theatre People

“The set, designed by David Lampard, is a clever design… The attention to detail and the finish on this set was excellent.” Shirley Jensen, Stage Whispers

“Director David Lampard obviously has a feel for Ms Dry’s material, bringing out every ounce of humour, warmth and tenderness possible from the perceptive script and songs…” Awarded five stars (out of a possible five) Brian Godfrey, Adelaide Theatre Guide